CCUS in 2021: The Latest on Carbon Capture & Storage

CCUS facility

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology is not yet widely adopted around the world. But, a growing number of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs say that in 2021, carbon capture technologies will “explode” in popularity and adoption. Support for CCUS technology in 2021 The world pumps over 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the […]

Fossil Fuels & Climate Change: Solutions & Alternatives

Oil mine on a sunset, mining for fossil fuels

The combustion of fossil fuels is the principal cause of climate change. Another significant contributor is the destruction of natural carbon sinks, namely forests. This is because global warming is the result of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases prevent heat from escaping from Earth, thereby warming […]

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage: Effects on Climate Change

carbon capture

As the Earth gets hotter each year, the issue of climate change rises up the political agenda. Questions around capturing carbon dioxide have also started to come up in public debates. What if we captured CO2 at the source before it is released into the atmosphere? Could we stop catastrophic climate change that way? Could […]

The Negative Effects of Deforestation: The Cons and Impact in 2021

Negative effects of deforestation

When Joe Biden was running for President of the United States, he made a bold claim. He said that he would get the world to spend USD $20 billion to protect the Amazon rainforests in South America. Recognising the negative effects of deforestation in the Amazon, he pledged to impose “significant economic consequences” if Brazil […]

Solutions to Deforestation

Solutions to deforestation

Forests are far more important to our well-being than most people appreciate and maintaining them is one of the key solutions to deforestation. We need them to breathe even; to recycle carbon back into oxygen. We also need them to survive; around the world, 300 million people live in forests and one billion people depend […]

American Forest Management

American forest management

What is American forest management? American forest management is vital work. It preserves the country’s natural health and beauty while providing jobs and livelihoods. Today, forests cover approximately one-third of the US’s land area. These forests have to be maintained for ecological and commercial reasons. The vast majority of this forest land (58 per cent) […]

What Are the Consequences of Deforestation?

Consequences of deforestation

In 2019, something remarkable happened. The world raised its collective voice over forest fires and deforestation across the Amazon rainforest. Never had the world united in such a way in anguish at the destruction of the “lungs of the Earth”. Deforestation became a global issue because more people recognised the consequences of deforestation. What’s more […]

Is a Tree a Plant?

A tree among grass

The simple answer to this question, “Is a tree a plant?”, is yes. Trees are a type of plant with their own features. All types of plants share similar characteristics; they have roots, stems and leaves, they turn sunlight into food through photosynthesis and they absorb CO2 to release oxygen. But, it’s important to remember that […]

Pipeline Petroleum

Pipeline Petroleum

What is pipeline petroleum? Petroleum, also known as crude oil, is a common fossil fuel. Petroleum pipelines transport oil or natural gas liquids. It is the cheapest and most efficient method of moving the product from production wells, to refineries, to distribution centres. Nevertheless, numerous incidents have shown the detrimental effects petroleum pipelines can have […]

Latest News About Oil Sands

Oil barrel from Canada

Discover the latest news about oil sands, updated weekly on Action Aid Recycling Update: June 11th, 2021 Oil sands producers want net-zero carbon emissions without cutting oil production The oil sands industry came together this week to announce a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions, without any plans to cut oil production. On Wednesday 9th June […]