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How to recycle your old mobile phone

mobile phone recycling

How do you dispose of your old mobile phones? This question is being asked more and more often nowadays, with new smartphone technologies being constantly introduced. As a result, mobile phones are replaced by more modern models, on average every two years. 1 Mobile phones that have been degraded are in turn resold or simply end up […]

Electronic Waste: A Danger To Our Environment

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is a component of electronic equipment, which includes a vast array of devices, for example personal computers, tablets, DVD players, printers, office equipment and CD players. People often describe used e-waste as a “dead” material. However, it is usually just a short period of time before it starts to emit toxic gasses and […]

Laptop Computer Recycling

laptop recycling

The average laptop lasts just three to five years,1 so what do we do with all our old pc and mac laptops? Laptop recycling is the answer. Why Laptop Recycling is So Important We create around 50-million tonnes of electronics waste every year2 when we throw out our old products. That figure is set to […]