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Why Are Fossil Fuel Companies Investing In Tree Planting?

Why Are Fossil Fuel Companies Investing In Tree Planting?

Fossil fuels are responsible for almost 90 per cent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 20 fossil fuel companies have contributed 35 per cent of all modern greenhouse gas emissions. To offset the damage they cause, many oil, gas and coal companies are investing in tree planting. However, this alone will not repair the damage […]

American Forest Management

American forest management

What is American forest management? American forest management is vital work. It preserves the country’s natural health and beauty while providing jobs and livelihoods. Today, forests cover approximately one-third of the US’s land area. These forests have to be maintained for ecological and commercial reasons. The vast majority of this forest land (58 per cent) […]

Is a Tree a Plant?

A tree among grass

The simple answer to this question, “Is a tree a plant?”, is yes. Trees are a type of plant with their own features. All types of plants share similar characteristics; they have roots, stems and leaves, they turn sunlight into food through photosynthesis and they absorb CO2 to release oxygen. But, it’s important to remember that […]


A rare majestic tree in China

Standing majestically, like a well-known tourist destination, an ancient tree stands (see image above) in Red Earth Township, in China’s Yunnan Province. In fact, it is so rare that the government threatens strict penalties for cutting it down. It is also part of an extraordinary Chinese success story related to afforestation that other countries are now […]

Hope for the climate’s future? Reforestation examples around the world

reforestation examples

From Norway to Nepal, reforestation has become a global symbol of faith for the future. But we must ensure that our excitement about tree planting doesn’t draw away from the fact that it is actually only part of the solution to climate change, and not the whole solution. It is true that planting trees where […]