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Hope for the climate’s future? Reforestation examples around the world

reforestation examples

From Norway to Nepal, reforestation has become a global symbol of faith for the future. Planting trees where forests have been cleared2 brings great hope for the climate. Trees control the water cycle and store carbon. They also increase the number of species living in an area. Each of these slow the pace of climate change. People are […]

Deforestation Environmental Issues

deforestation environmental issues

Where there used to be vibrant forest, images of orangutans in charred ground have become commonplace1. The lungs of the world are burning but what are the actual environmental issues surrounding deforestation? Firstly, the emotive phrase ‘lungs of the world’ is technically incorrect2. In fact, tropical forests do not contribute significant oxygen to the atmosphere. […]

Deforestation Solutions List


The total global forest cover is just over 31%1. The Amazon, Central Africa, and South Asia are home to some of the world’s greatest forests, but as populations and resource demand rises, so has deforestation2. Deforestation is the act of cutting down trees and the effects are a risk to climate change and global warming. […]