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The Main Factors of Climate Change

The Main Factors of Climate Change

This video outlines the main factors of climate change, such as sources of power, deforestation and land use Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. These are gases that prevent heat from escaping into space. The ‘greenhouse effect’ has increased the global average temperature by about 1°C since pre-industrial times. Forests […]

Climate Change & Deforestation

Climate Change & Deforestation

Find out how deforestation and climate change are linked in this short video There is a close link between climate change and deforestation. Greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide (CO2), are the most important driving force behind global warming. Forests remove about 30 per cent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. We must […]

What is CCUS?

What is CCUS?

This video explains everything you need to know about carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) What is CCUS? There are several different answers to the question, what is CCUS?  CCUS stands for carbon capture, utilisation and storage. CCUS is an umbrella term for several different technologies. Generally speaking, CCUS refers to capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) […]

Fossil Fuels & Climate Change: Solutions & Alternatives

Oil mine on a sunset, mining for fossil fuels

The combustion of fossil fuels is the principal cause of climate change. Another significant contributor is the destruction of natural carbon sinks, namely forests. This is because global warming is the result of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases prevent heat from escaping from Earth, thereby warming […]

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage: Effects on Climate Change

carbon capture

As the Earth gets hotter each year, the issue of climate change rises up the political agenda. Questions around capturing carbon dioxide have also started to come up in public debates. What if we captured CO2 at the source before it is released into the atmosphere? Could we stop catastrophic climate change that way? Could […]

The Negative Effects of Deforestation: The Cons and Impact in 2021

Negative effects of deforestation

When Joe Biden was running for President of the United States, he made a bold claim. He said that he would get the world to spend USD $20 billion to protect the Amazon rainforests in South America. Recognising the negative effects of deforestation in the Amazon, he pledged to impose “significant economic consequences” if Brazil […]

What Are the Consequences of Deforestation?

Consequences of deforestation

In 2019, something remarkable happened. The world raised its collective voice over forest fires and deforestation across the Amazon rainforest. Never had the world united in such a way in anguish at the destruction of the “lungs of the Earth”. Deforestation became a global issue because more people recognised the consequences of deforestation. What’s more […]


A rare majestic tree in China

Standing majestically, like a well-known tourist destination, an ancient tree stands (see image above) in Red Earth Township, in China’s Yunnan Province. In fact, it is so rare that the government threatens strict penalties for cutting it down. It is also part of an extraordinary Chinese success story related to afforestation that other countries are now […]